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Uploading your music or your podcasts and sharing them with your friends, your family, or your co-workers has never been so easy.
Brought to you since 2008 by Cavi Studio, MP32Tube has already been used to create over 400,000 videos.

High definition / 720p

Upload your slideshow to Youtube in the highest resolution (720p : 1280x800). In High-def, your video will match the sound quality of your original sound file.

Upload mp3 files with no time limit

With the premium acocunt, there is no time limit to the length of your audio.
Upload your entire podcast, mixtape, radio show... to Youtube without creating a huge video file, it's much faster !

Create a slideshow with unlimited images

Create stunning slideshows to go with your music. With the premium version you can upload as many images as you want.

Get the premium version for only $10.99 !

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